Youth rescue deer from poachers, video goes viral


Youth rescue deer from poachers, video goes viral

Chamarajanagar: Contrary to many video off late that have shown the inhuman attitude of youth towards animals, a latest video that has gone viral shows how few youth rushed to the rescue of two deers that were trapped in a snare laid by the poachers.

The incident occurred in the Muthathi forest range of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary when the youth who were passing by the area heard the moans of the animals. On venturing to investigate, they spotted a deer trapped in a snare laid by the poachers. They rushed to its rescue and saved the deer by removing the snare from its neck only to see one more deer trapped in another snare. Freeing it too, they saw the animals run to safety in the forest. On looking around they found quite a few snares laid around in the area which they removed to save other animals falling into the trap.

Meanwhile, a video of the incident went viral on the social media on Wednesday with over 1.5 lakh people viewing it so far.

Reportedly the youth, hailing from Bidadi, Ramanagaram district wanted to bring the incident to the notice of the forest department officials. But since they did not find any one at the spot they posted the video on Facebook thinking that it would be viewed by few people including the forest officials.

A forest department official has mentioned that they would be visiting the spot for inspection and lauded the youth for rescuing the deer

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