Centre plans to include self-defence in schools


Centre plans to include self-defence in schoolsUnion Human Resource Minister Prakash Javadekar in response to an email sent by a Hyderabad woman said inclusion of self-defence techniques in educational institutions is a great idea
Prakash Javadekar Prakash Javadekar
Hyderabad: Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is taking measures to include self-defence classes in the academics for schools and colleges.
Union Human Resource Minister Prakash Javadekar in response to the email sent by a Hyderabad woman, Yasoda Poola seeking introduction to self-defence techniques in educational institutes, said it was a good idea and stated that it should be implemented as early as possible. 
The Minister said, “Thank you for writing to us to share your valuable ideas. I shall share your suggestions for action as appropriate.”  He went on to say, “I don’t know how far this will go but I am just hoping to see this idea be implemented ASAP and trying my best to reach this message to everybody and share it, tweet it, let us together fight for good change to protect our people.”
Sharing the information on her Facebook page, Yasoda said few days back she had sent an email to the Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar and to Education Minister of Telangana Kadiyam Srihari.
“I shared an idea regarding self defence training for students in all schools and colleges in India,” she said. The idea is to have an assigned physical education instructor in every school and college who is well trained in self defence techniques, Yasoda said.
If we could implement this idea in every education institution in India and elsewhere, we will have a better society with no fear of crimes. Everyday we watch and hear news on women being molested, groped, and raped, she said. In order to stop these crimes she has come up with an idea which could help to reduce crimes to a certain level.

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